Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Callie & Wylie need new homes...Can you help?

This is Wylie. I rescued him as a kitten shortly after I graduated from college. He had developed a really bad eye infection and someone just dropped him off at the vet to be euthanized. The vet refused to euthanize for such a treatable problem, and cured the eye infection and put him up for adoption. He was five months old. He's now about 7.5 years old and a very loving, playful, personable cat who sometimes thinks he's a dog. He greets me at the door when I come home (though it might just be because he wants food) and he does actually play fetch with his toys. He likes to curl up next to me (or on my lap) and have his ears scratched, and purr like crazy! His favorite toys are pipe cleaners (especially coiled up) and shoestrings, and he is very attached to his toys! He will often keep them all together in one spot. He's a fun cat!

This is Callie. I got her a few months after Wylie because I thought he needed a companion while I was at work all day. She is one of the most loving and personable kitties I've ever met. She loves to be held or to sit on your lap and purr. Every night, she sleeps curled up next to me. Besides being pet and getting attention, one of her very favorite things is chasing the laser pointer red dot!

Unfortunately, Callie and Wylie need to find new homes. Ever since we got Thea, their quality of life has degraded. While we did everything we could to socialize the dog with the cats, nothing worked. Apparently there are just some dogs that just don't seem to be able to over come their instinctual desire to chase cats. Despite our reprimands (and several scratches on the nose from the cats) Thea just won't leave them alone. Because of this, we can't give them the kind of good life and attention that they deserve.

I love these kitties, and I can't tell you how sad it makes me to have to give them up. But I know they deserve a better life than what we are able to provide them with now. The deserve to be in homes where they can soak up all the love and attention and playtime that there is to offer.

Both Callie and Wylie are current on vaccinations and routine veterinary care. When each goes to their new home, they will bring with them some of their favorite toys and other necessities. Can you help Callie and Wylie find the loving new homes they deserve? If you or anyone you know (living in or traveling to the Atlanta area) would like to adopt one (or two) lovable, personable, adult cats, please let me know. For more information, feel free to contact me at sara[at]thepaynes[dot]cc.