Tuesday, July 31, 2007


It is quite apropos that my first knitting post would be on the same day that I finally got my Ravelry invite! My current favorite project is the Seraphim shawl.

I'm using a lace weight malabrigo in sealing wax colorway. I'm LOVING it! I'm so addicted to it that I've virtually forgotten all of my other projects. I love the needles I'm using (my first pair of addis), and the yarn feels so good in my hands.

I've decided to call it "Canyon Angel." See...you can tell how much I love it because it's the first knitted object I've named. But you can sort of see the variation in color that remind me of the different colored layers and striations of the Grand Canyon. It's because I'm knitting with two strands of the yarn from different dye lots. It's giving it that great subtle depth of color and texture.

It hasn't been a perfect knit, though. I was almost done with chart one (of four) and I discovered that somehow, I'm not sure where, my stitch count got off. And it was WAAAYYY off...not easily fixable. So, I managed to insert a lifeline and ripped back several rows, and now, after two nights of going backwards, I've gotten back on track and I'm ready to move forward again. Hopefully I won't have to do that again, but I have definitely learned that lifelines are worth it!