Friday, August 24, 2007

Made a difference for that one

A fraternity brother of mine (yes, I said's a co-ed fraternity) is a pediatric surgeon with the United States Air Force. After his first deployment as a medic in Iraq, his wife (also a fraternity brother) compiled his letters and emails home and published them in a book, chronicling his experience and those of his fellow soldiers and patients. It is a moving account of the honor, professionalism, and compassion of our soldiers and medics, doing their best to make a positive difference. Further more, procedes from sales of the book are donated to Fisher House, a non-profit that provides the means for military families to be together while a soldier is undergoing medical treatment. To read more about Chris and his experience as a medic in Iraq, check out this article from a recent addition to the Brown Alumni Magazine.

Chris is now preparing for his second deployment to Iraq. He will be posting his letters home on his blog. I encourage you to check it out. And send prayers, good thoughts, comforting vibes or whatever it is you believe in to Chris, and his family.

Chris, be safe!