Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pulling the Plug

We did it. We bit the bullet and canceled our satellite TV service. We've had DirecTV with Tivo for the past several years...and we realized recently that we've become complacent in our routine. We come home, walk the dog, eat dinner, then settle in front of the boob tube for the rest of the evening. We'd gotten into a rut. And we decided that it was time to stop enabling this rut. We want to do more stuff together. We want to do more stuff with the dog. We want to spend less time sitting on our butts on the sofa, and more time actually interacting and doing stuff. So that was the main reason we did it. But we also realized that 90% of the stuff we tivo and watch regularly is on network tv. We live in a city, and can receive almost all the major networks with a good antenna. So why were we paying $60 a month for channels we never watched? Ok...let me rephrase that...why were we paying $60 a month for the food network? That's really the only non-network channel either of us (ok I) watched at all. Though I must admit...I'm really going to miss my regular helping of food pr0n. But I must be strong...I can live with out the food network...can't I? So we'll see how this little experiment will take a while to realize the full effect...we still have all the stuff on the tivo that we recorded before the satellite shut off. That will cushion the blow. But, we haven't gone completely cold turkey...we have since learned the wonders of...Netflix. (And for those of you who have Netflix, and like good spy shows, you absolutely MUST put the Showtime mini-series called "Sleeper Cell" in your queue. You'll be addicted in no time!).