Monday, September 3, 2007

Back In Business

Time for knitting, blogging, and just-for-the-heck-of-it cooking has been scarce around here recently. School is back in session, and thanks to Psycling, Sara's Kitchen has been busier than ever making goody trays for hungry grad students.

This tray has marble pound cake, mango ginger pound cake, blueberry muffins, banana muffins, snickerdoodles, and double chocolate meringues. I make a tray of assorted goodies (similar to this) for a weekly seminar for grad students and faculty of Psycling's research group. This week, though, I am also making muffins and biscuits for a breakfast meeting for Wednesday.

It makes me really happy to see my business doing well, but I'm staying very busy. It means knitting time is significantly reduced. But despite that, the Seraphim is coming along very well, and I hope to have it bound off within the next few days. I love how well the lace work pattern is coming out:

Almost everyday, I show it to Psycling and say "look how pretty it is." He indulges me, and acknowledges that it is very pretty. Once it's off the needles and blocked, I'll take lots of great pics for you!