Wednesday, September 19, 2007

An Evening with the Yarn Harlot

Today, The Yarn Harlot ventured out of Canada and into the American South. A wonderful local yarn store sponsored her visit. After a long day at work, and not nearly as much knitting time lately as I would like, it was great to join several hundred fellow knitters for an evening of yarn, needles, and laughter. Stephanie had as laughing all evening as she warned us of the hazards of CHOKE (Cultural Hatred of Knitters Everywhere), and came prepared with several lists of ways to wear down the CHOKErs of the world. I even got to hold the sock.

I brought my first sock (a WIP I have yet to blog about), and she admired it. She knew as soon as I showed it to her that it was Socks that Rock in the Monsoon colorway. Kinda scary. But it was a great evening. It was amazing to be amidst other knitters, to be in a group that is so diverse and accepting, to see so much knitting in public, and to spend an evening laughing and losing track of time. The evening only reinforced my belief that knitters are the most open, accepting, friendly, helpful community out there. I'm both proud and humbled to be a part of such a group...if that's possible.

This will definitely be an evening to remember!